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Chances are you’re looking up early signs of pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms. Nothing can be more exciting than planning to have a baby and not being sure if you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms? Of course, only a good pregnancy test and a visit with your OB/GYN can tell you for sure. But there are some signs you may be experiencing that could indicate you are newly pregnant.

If you have had a baby before, you may know instinctively that you are pregnant. This may even happen with your first! When you are newly pregnant your progesterone levels increase. If you have been pregnant before, you might recognize how this feels and know right away that you are expecting.

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First Pregnancy Symptom

Missed Period - If you miss a period, this is a pretty good sign that you might be pregnant. This is the time you can run out to the local pharmacy to get a pregnancy test. Once you have missed a period, a pregnancy test will probably be able to tell if the time has come! Missing a period is one of the first early pregnancy symptoms women have but it can also be an indication of something else, so call your doctor if your cycle is not regular.

Second Symptom

Nausea or Morning Sickness - When you are newly pregnant, smells may begin to bother you. You might be cooking a nice bacon and eggs breakfast and suddenly feel a wave of nausea come over you. Or if someone speaks to you with bad breath, it might be enough to turn your stomach. And speaking of bad breath, some women find that when they are pregnant, their gag reflux becomes more pronounced when brushing their teeth!

Third Symptom

Frequent Urination - Another symptom in early pregnancy can be frequent urination. Your uterus is beginning to expand, making less room in your bladder.

Fourth Symptom

Feeling Extremely Tired, Fatigued or Exhausted - Some women will also feel exhausted, which comes from the increasing levels of progesterone in their systems. This hormone can give you headaches too.

Fifth Symptom

Sore Breasts - If your breasts are sore or changing, you might be pregnant. During pregnancy, the areola can become larger and darker. Veins may appear more pronounced in early pregnancy, and the actual breasts will increase in size. If you are not pregnant and your breasts are changing, see a doctor right away.

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